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Trying to keep the lead flow consistent feels like an uphill battle, especially with those rising costs. Installations are time-consuming, leaving little room for content creation. Navigating the sales funnel? It's like deciphering a puzzle, and clarifying complex incentives to customers feels never-ending. If this resonates, we might just be the solution you're looking for.

Who Are We?

We're a New York-based agency specializing in providing solar installers with high-quality, quote-ready leads through strategic social media advertising. Our approach not only simplifies your business growth but also assures it's fueled by genuinely interested prospects. Our mission? To remove the stress of lead generation so you can focus on what you are best at.

How Are We Different?

Industry Specialist

Qualified Leads

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  • Increase sales and leads for solar installers.

  • Help installers focus on installing, not marketing.

  • Expanding installers client base.

  • Help offline solar installers looking to go online.

  • Maximize ​businesses' conversion rates & average order value.

  • Engage with businesses genuinely, making certain they're always our main focus.


  • Work commercial solar installers.

  • Work with solar panel manufacturers & wholesalers.

  • Offering generalized, all-in-one digital marketing.

  • Providing just short-term, transactional marketing solutions.

  • Working with solar dealers.

  • Work with businesses not ready for a marketing investment.

Our Principles



Every action, from our methods to our pricing, is communicated with clarity. No hidden fees or surprises—just straightforward dealings for peace of mind.



We prioritize ethical business practices, always putting trust and relationships at the forefront of our collaborations.



With specialized knowledge in the solar industry, we deliver focused strategies over broad, generic approaches.



We utilize efficient processes, ensuring that management is hassle-free and operations run smoothly for our clients.

Solar Leads, Ready-to-Quote, Straight to You

How We Do It ?

Content Gathering

In this foundational step, we collect materials that spotlight your business & services. These content serves as the backbone of our strategy.

Paid Advertising

Using collected content, we craft ads that captivate and resonate, showcasing them on leading traffic platforms, directly aligning your solar services with an audience eager for what you offer.

Lead Capture

From the leads we've gathered, we pinpoint those genuinely eager about solar solutions, filtering out casual browsers to focus solely on serious prospects.


We keep the conversation going, addressing queries and clarifying doubts. It's about nudging the already interested closer to a confident decision, keeping the lead warm and responsive.

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What is your price?

Our pricing is custom-fit to each client's specific goals and market. Instead of fixed costs, we adopt performance-based pricing, ensuring you pay for tangible results. To find out more on pricing, schedule a discovery call with us.

What channels do you work with?

At the moment, we work with Facebook ads, harnessing the vast reach of the platform with over 3 billion monthly users, Facebook allows us to engage with over 60% of all internet users, making it a pivotal platform for lead generation.

How will you be different than our current agency?

We're dedicated to the solar sector, offering unmatched expertise. Instead of juggling multiple industries, we focus deeply on solar insights. Trust, transparency, and ethical practices define our approach.

I should simply hire someone in-house instead...

In-house marketing means bearing the costs of recruitment, managing staff, and navigating the complexities of specialized solar training. Factor in the challenge of honing specialized solar sales expertise before committing to an in-house strategy.

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